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Have you ever wondered why it costs you so much money to run research?

The quality of the panel and respondents?

What to look out for and take into account when analyzing the results?

Conducting consumer research is essential to run successful brands, but it’s often not prioritized since it can be expensive, inefficient and time-consuming to run it. If you don’t know how your brand performs on a continuous basis and what drives or prevents customers from buying your product, you should be using consumer research to make data-driven decisions. At the same time, it’s important to get it right and be aware of the problems that come with engaging in research using traditional and more modern methods.

In this webinar we will discuss, share insights and uncover how traditional research companies are operating. At the same time we will give pointers on how you can improve and lower the cost of running research.

  • A lot of research is still done via telephone, and even online research is not without problems if done wrongly. Understand what biases are at play and what it means to your research when the data collected is biased to certain people and personalities.
  • Response rates to phone surveys are continuously declining and less and less people even own a landline phone. What implications does it have on your research and how can you conduct research given that the environment for it has changed.
  • Because of the high costs, the number of responses you get from telephone research is very limited. Understand what it means to the results and stats you receive.
  • Understand how clients end up paying for things such as survey creation, data wrangling and etc, and how it could be prevented and actually lower your cost.


Daniel Michalczyk
CEO, Trybe