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Paricon used Consumer Research to gain a more granular understanding of how their brand was positioned in the category against competition and what drove consumers to purchase their brand.

It all started, in 1861, when Henry Morton married Lucilla Forbes and the young couple began making sleds in their home. Henry constructed the sleds by hand, and his wife decorated them. Today, the sled line has evolved to include a wide assortment of products for winter use—sleds, including steel runner and plastic models at various price points; snowboards; foam sliders; inflatable tubes; wooden toboggans and snow toys. Paricon serves customers throughout the U.S. from its distribution center in South Paris with high-quality products and on-time delivery.

Given the very niche category of winter sleds, the manufacturer conducted this study to understand who its customers are, what their perceptions are and how the competition’s position is in comparison to their own brand.


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