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Wrigley’s Chewed on Savory Market Research and Tasted Greater Success

Wrigley’s brand success for its chewing gums is based on several core tactics, from its marketing effectiveness to its diverse product portfolio, catering to all taste buds. The brand management team at Wrigley’s started looking for ways to increase and grow their sales portfolio. They knew that in order to understand their consumers, they needed to use consumer feedback, and use those insights to communicate the right messaging to their consumers. Download the full case study and discover:

  • How having insights into your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses can help you improve your brand strategy and grow your consumer base
  • How you can use research data to back up your arguments during retailer listing negotiations
  • How to use data and insights from market research to identify the best channels to connect with consumers.
  • How to utilize socio-demographics data-points to learn the patterns and the correlations between consumer and product preferences, such as, consumer consumption frequency, usage and buying channels