Target the consumers who try your product by a number of different variables, including category preference, product preference, where they shop, and other demographic characteristics.

We send your products to real consumers, they try your product in real life settings and provide feedback on their experience. We ask the consumers a set of standardized questions while product specific custom questions can be added in addition to enhance the value of this research package. Besides key metrics such as Net Promoter Score, Repurchase Rate, and General Liking, the consumers write a free text review of their experience which provides rich insights into how they used and liked the product they received.

As a third party verifier, Trybe also issues a badge with your overall TrybeScore (a 1-5 star rating of the product) that you obtain from a specified number of verified product trials, which can be used freely in your own marketing efforts. Product Testing arms you with high-quality data and provides you with insights for new product development, evaluate geographic expansion into new countries, prelaunch testing, testing the appeal for a product, creating a data-driven sales story towards your retailers or making changes to current or concept products.

You can launch a research in less than 24 hours and get results in 2-6 weeks. We will walk you through the research results and give you instant access to the data through our Online Dashboard. Product Testing will allow you to ask consumers a set of standardized questions, while product specific questions can be added in addition to enhance the value of the research package.

Features we offer

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score measures the willingness of customers to recommend a brand to others.

Purchase Probability

The likelihood of consumers repurchasing the product after trying it.

General Liking

Overall consumer satisfaction with the product after trying it.


Free text reviews of the product.


Get the cumulative average on a five-point scale and set your product apart from its competitors by showcasing a verified badge of satisfied consumers who have tested your product giving you the opportunity to use this across packaging, in-store promotions, online etc.

Consumer Research delivered at a fraction of the time and half of the cost