Get insights into your awareness rate, trial rate, purchase rate, favorite rate, and who your loyal customers really are. Break down your brand funnel by several demographic and socioeconomic filters to see what segments of the population convert better or worse than others.

The CORE will arm you with high-quality data and provide you with essential insights for allocating marketing spend more effectively and improve your budget preparation.

You can launch a research in less than 24 hours and get results in 2-6 weeks. We will walk you through the research results and give you instant access to the data through our Online Dashboard. The CORE will provide you with the essentials you might be looking for in consumer research for tracking your brand and competitors. Speed and cost are important to be able to run research efficiently and frequently, and that is just one of many reasons we built Trybe.

Features we offer

Full Brand Funnel

View your brand funnel and learn how your brand is performing on each of our funnel steps: awareness, trial, purchase, favorite, and loyalty.

Full Brand Funnel for up to 10 Competitors

See how your brand funnel compares to the funnels of up to 10 competitors.

Conversion Rates

Rate consumers are moving from one step of the funnel to the next.

Brand Perception

Determine how consumers perceive your brand and what image you need to push to increase sales.

Demographic Breakdowns

All data can be segmented by age, gender, income, educational level and more.

Consumer Research delivered at a fraction of the time and half of the cost