The beauty of consumer research is that it’s based on real data derived from real consumers. The effectiveness and importance of consumer research lay on the quality of the respondents you use to test your product, concept, or marketing efforts.

We offer high-quality consumer research by using data analytics and science to automate the research process, with a global online community of millions of consumers. This allows us to offer consumer research for a fraction of the cost and at a higher speed than any traditional consumer research firm.

Consumer research allows you to map out the competitive landscape and to gain a deeper knowledge about your consumers. You will learn to identify what’s the best approach for your brand and products when trying to grow sales, finding your position in the market, or determining a competitive advantage that increases consumer loyalty.

Trybe makes high-quality consumer research accessible to every brand around the world, catering to companies of all sizes and budgets.

Brand Tracker STARTER

Measure the awareness rate of your brand so you can understand how your brand is perceived by consumers.


Brand Tracker CORE

Understand your brand funnel and how you compare to your competition. Benchmark key brand KPIs and discover the buyers of your product


Brand Tracker 360

Get a complete overview of your brand funnel and how it fits in your category. Discover the drivers and barriers for conversion throughout your brand funnel.


Custom Research

Conduct customized quantitative consumer research. Test concepts, packages and ads before they go live.


Product Testing

Receive feedback from verified trialists on your product. Understand the repurchase probability, Net Promotor Score and General Liking of your product


Wrigley’s used consumer data to increase sales for the company’s most popular product offering

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Haliborange used Research to better understand consumers, tap new profits

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