Consumer research within the healthcare industry is a niche area and providers need to go beyond basic demographics and generalizations to gain reliable feedback. That is why we combine the power of data analytics and a global community of real people to solve their problems.

Consumer research can help providers within the healthcare industry to address specific consumer needs and improve relationships with patients and consumers. It can also help you map out the competitive healthcare industry landscape which allows you to identify what positioning is best for your brand or service, developing your image, along with growing your sales numbers. Ultimately, this information allows you to determine a competitive advantage that leads consumers to switch from competitors to your brand or service.

Our suite of products provides the healthcare industry with the opportunity to gain a substantial view of their product or service, and the consumers that are buying their products or services. Through our Brand Trackers, we access the overall perception, brand awareness, and growth of your products or services. To cater for more specific and sensitive areas, our Custom Research offering is best placed to address unique and complex questions relating to the healthcare market. By combining and analyzing this data brands and providers can gain a valuable edge.

Trybe + Haliborange

As a strong player within the childrenĀ“s multivitamins space, Haliborange launched its successful softies range in the mini pack variety to capture interest and cross-target parents who were purchasing bottled vitamin and mineral supplements for their kids. By commissioning consumer research with Trybe, the branding team at Haliborange managed to uncover drivers and barriers of purchase for its products versus competitors to optimise its targeting. Additionally, the team also gained consumer feedback through product testing and received valuable insights from its target audience.

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