Consumers are exposed to new products through advertising between 4,000 to 10,000 times a day. New technologies, notably social media, has drastically increased this number, but it has also given consumers a new way to learn about products and research their options. In a crowded marketplace, the perception, accessibility and purchasing experience within the consumer goods industry, is critical to its success especially online.

Through consumer research, brands in the consumer goods industry can easily identify gaps in their strategy that will help them better engage with consumers both online and through traditional marketing. At Trybe, we go a step further by offering consumer research for a fraction of the cost and at a higher speed than any traditional consumer research firm. We use advanced data analytics to automate the research process and together with our global community of consumers, we empower marketers and brands worldwide with their consumer research needs.

The consumer goods industry is changing rapidly. Consumers will change in age, preferences, and interests as a matter of natural course. Brands that can quickly anticipate, adapt, or address changes in consumers, is likely to perform best in a market and identify new opportunities first. This also opens the door for you to identify new ways to access your consumers and potential consumers, and an opportunity to find new revenue streams.

Our suite of products provides brands in the consumer goods industry with the opportunity to track growth, brand awareness, and perception. We assess the health of your brand allowing you to acquire a detailed brand funnel for your brand tracking activities. This includes doing deep dives into the drivers and barriers for conversion, as well as seeing how marketing or ad campaigns are leading to sales growth. Similarly, we can test for product appeal and find out who your key target audience is.

Trybe + Mars

As one of the world’s largest confectionery brands, Mars saw a decrease in its sales after making some subtle product and price related changes. The decrease in sales also caused the product to lose its strong in-store placements with key retailers as retailers argued that the product changes made had impacted its sales. By conducting consumer insights, the Mars brand could not only identify significant barriers to growth but were also able to debunk views shared by retailers with strong supporting evidence.

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Trybe + Wrigley

The branding team at one of the world’s leading chewing gum brands needed to identify its core consumers and uncover whether there were any correlations between flavors and consumers. To better understand its own consumer profiles and explore core drivers for purchase along with consumer buying habits, Wrigley turned to consumer insights. In doing so, this not only helped its branding team create “consumer persona” profiles but also revealed patterns that identified consumer groups preferences that had been previously overlooked.

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Trybe + Sørlands Chips

Owing to a recent launch, the Sørlands Chips brand saw positive initial sales numbers and the company wanted to ensure this turned into long term sales growth for the brand. For the brand to successfully grow into a profitable revenue stream, the team needed insights into the drivers of its initial success and turn them into actionable outputs to grow the brand. The insights they received not only validated their hypothesis but also helped the brand identify its key USP’s which helped drive its early market penetration. Since then, the brand has seen an 8% growth in its sales figures.

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