What is Trybe?

Trybe is a global consumer research technology company making high-quality research accessible to every brand around the world. We empower small and large enterprise companies worldwide, and their marketers, to gain in-depth insights to better understand their products and the attitudes and behavior patterns of their customers. Trybe uses advanced data analytics to automate the research process and has a global online community of millions of consumers. This allows us to offer consumer research for a fraction of the cost and at a higher speed than any traditional consumer research firm.

How much time is involved in the client's end?

Once you sign a contract with us, we recommend allocating 1- 2 hours to go over the study in detail before we go live. Our focus on automating the research process allows us to offer comprehensive research requiring only minimal tweaks and tailoring depending on client requirements. Since we begin gathering client input during the sales cycle, less time is required from our client’s end.

Does Trybe offer a free trial?

While we don’t offer free trials, we are able to offer attractive discounts and incentives when you do research with us. Get in touch and we can find something that works for you!

What countries do you conduct research in?

We are currently active in a majority of countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Please contact us for a full list.

What if I want to conduct research in a country you’re currently not in?

If you’d like to conduct research in a country we are not currently in, it takes us about 30-60 days to get up and running in a new country.

I have never done consumer research, where do I start?

That’s okay, many of our clients have never done any market research before. We have research experts who would be happy to set up a call to help determine where to start. We’ll give you options and explanations that align with your business goals. Think of us as an extension of your team.

How do I know what type of research would suit my business?

All you need to do is to reach out to us and tell us about your business problems or what you are looking to find out. We will then set up an introduction call and can explain to you what you will get, how many hours of involvement it might mean, and what it will cost you.

Does Trybe conduct quantitative or qualitative research?

Quantitative research.

Are you able to conduct research on low incidence segments?

Yes, we’ve successfully completed many studies with an incidence as low as .5% of the population.

Does Trybe conduct online focus groups?

No, we do not conduct online focus groups.

What size companies do you work with?

We work with companies of all sizes. We serve small, medium-sized and enterprise companies, including Fortune 500 companies. You can learn more about our customers here.

How long does a project take?

Most of our research studies take between 2-6 weeks. Some can be completed sooner depending on your needs.


How does pricing work?

We can offer consumer research for a fraction of the cost and at a higher speed than any traditional consumer research firm. You can find our pricing here. If you are an enterprise customer or have specific needs for custom research, reach out to us here.

How many respondents do I get?

We guarantee a minimum of 2,000 respondents for most of our research studies.

Do you charge per respondent?

No. Pricing is based on the type of research, not the number or type of respondents.

What does the research deliverable look like?

We offer access to an interactive online dashboard, a downloadable report, raw data, and a call with our insights expert to walk you through your research results.


What does the online dashboard look like?

Research results are delivered via an interactive online dashboard. Clients can filter results by dozens of standard variables and even add custom ones. To see what that looks like, we’d be happy to schedule a dashboard walkthrough. Contact us here.

Who can gain access to these reports?

Only team members with dashboard credentials can access your research results.

Will Trybe explain the research findings to me?

Trybe will schedule a 1-2 hour call to walk you through your results once a study is complete.

Is Trybe’s work guaranteed?

If Trybe would fail to deliver on the number of respondents as promised, we will ensure you get your money back.


What does a profile consist of?

Each user profile consists of basic personal information such as age, gender, location along with education level, relationship status, annual income, number of children, social media usage, and pet ownership too!

Who are the respondents?

We pride ourselves on our diverse pool of panel members who are everyday consumers from all walks of life. Our users range from the ages of 16-92, are 55% female, across all income levels and from 57 countries.

How often do people take the surveys?

It varies. Not all users that sign up to Trybe have completed a survey as it depends on the type of research and its target audience. We pride ourselves on continuously having a fresh panel of consumers that take our surveys.

How do you select who takes a survey?

Trybe’s ability to recruit thousands of respondents for each study, allows us to get your target segment(s) as well as other segments to potentially discover new insights.

Can you target a specific type of person?

We most certainly can! Through our global community of consumers, we can target consumers based on your specific requirements regardless of how niche it is. Get in touch with us and give us a challenge today!

How many survey questions am I allowed to ask?

For Custom Research, we can ask anywhere from 5-35 questions per survey. Our standardized offerings, Brand Tracker CORE, Brand Tracker 360 and Product Testing, have a set number of questions which clients can easily add custom questions to.

What type of questions do you answer?

This depends highly on the research that is being conducted. Check out our products and schedule a call with us so we can help you decide on the questions to ask.

Am I able to ask open-ended questions?

Yes, we offer free text reviews as an answer choice option so respondents can provide a written answer if multiple choice is not adequate.

Is Trybe able to conduct multi-country research?

Yes, we’re able to do research in multiple countries at the same time.

Is Trybe able to target specific regions of a country?

Yes, we can target specific regions if you would like.

What are your research offerings?

We have 5 different consumer research offerings, including Custom Research.

You can learn more about all of our offerings here.

How customizable are your standardized research offerings?

They’re very customizable. All answer choices are fully custom to your needs and questions can be tweaked. Additionally, custom questions can be added to all standardized offerings.