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Discover how easy is to conduct Consumer Research with Trybe

By automating the research process, we’re able to provide high-quality consumer research for a fraction of the cost and deliver results in a shorter amount of time than traditional research firms.

A demo will show you how you can leverage Trybe’s dashboard and research offerings to help your business:

  • Assess the health of your brand
  • Determine who is your customer and what they think about your product
  • Better understand how your product is being used
  • Assess how your brand is doing in its category
  • Better understand your competition and where their brand stands within the category
  • Create a brand and/or sales story to use at buyer’s meetings
  • Determine which marketing activities are working and which ones are not, to allocate spend more efficiently

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The visibility you need to take more informed decisions

Visualize your insights in the most interactive and organized way with the Trybe Dashboard. Your research results are automatically generated and made available instantly to you so you can take the smartest decisions for your brand.

“Trybe analyzed chewing gum habits which helped create consumer personas for our top 10 products, which we actively use in social media marketing and communications. Additionally, Trybe supported us with arguments to increase listings in relevant retail spaces.”


Trybe Clients
Trybe Clients