What Do Millennial Moms Want From Brands Today?

Born between 1978 and 1994, Millennials have always been a fascinating segment that marketers have never really put their finger on.

After a decade of being chased by marketers for their youth and trend-setting power, Millennials are all grown up. Of the 80 million Millennials in the US, one-quarter of them are now adults and are having kids. This has brought a new niche segment of Millennials called “millennial moms”.

Unlike their own mothers, Millennial women are tech-savvy, working individuals that have money to spend. With Millennials parents having $200 billion in spending power, marketers have a lot to lose if they ignore or don’t get marketing to this segment right.

So who are these moms and what trends do marketers need to be aware of to help brands thrive in this niche, but lucrative segment?

Who Are Millennial Moms?

Millennial moms are mothers that were born within the late 70s and early 90s. With one in five moms being a Millennial, there are approximately nine million of them in the US alone. Like all other Millennials, these moms are socially aware, constantly connected, global citizens, entrepreneurial, and progressive. But when it comes to consumerism, these moms are highly influential making them an excellent target for marketers.

But what type of brands are these type of moms looking for? These moms are constantly looking for relatable and authentic brands that are both good for their families and the environment. But like other highly-connected segments, marketers have found it extremely difficult to connect with these moms. These moms are spending less time consuming traditional media – TV, print and radio – traditional marketers have been slow to adjust and connect with them.

Marketers need to keep in mind that this niche segment, like all Millennials, has grown up with the Internet and digital media. With an almost untapped segment awaiting marketers, it is important that brands understand the relevant millennial mom trends.

What Are Some Clear Millennial Mom Trends?

Millennial Moms Use Various Devices

Whether it’s on their smartphone, tablet or laptop, millennial moms are always connected. From following their favorite mom blog on Instagram to buying diapers from Wal Mart’s online shop, millennial moms use their devices to shop, connect and educate themselves. Millennial moms are more connected than their mothers, often times owning more than one device. As Millennials, they spend time across multiple devices and are comfortable switching between devices when need be.

For marketers, it is important to understand that by using multiple devices, these moms have multiple ways of getting to the end of a brand’s purchase funnel. It is, therefore, essential that the purchasing funnel – from beginning to end – works on multiple devices and not only a desktop computer.

Millennial Moms Shop Online

A study by Trybe of over 400 millennial moms living in the US, shows that 87% of moms shop online to buy baby products which included clothes, toys, and diapers. The study showed some interesting finding of why these moms shop online, including the following:

  • 83% of millennial moms shop online to get a good price
  • 79% of millennial moms shop online for the wide selection of products available
  • 62% of millennial moms shop online because of the good shipping options

Even though millennial moms have money to spend, finding a good deal online that is delivered directly to their doorstep is appealing. Instead of spending hours heading out to buy the basics like diapers, they can get it online.

Millennial Moms Use Social Media

According to Adweek, these moms spend eight hours interacting with media. Whether it is casually checking their Instagram or SnapChat accounts during a lunch break or watching their favorite YouTube channel, social media is a huge influence for this segment. Trybe’s study shows that 48% of the millennial moms state that social media was a key influence when buying a product or service.

Studies have shown that once Millennials become mothers their media habits shift. They become more active on social media and use platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube where they can receive the opinions of others about specific products and services. In addition, they are also highly engaged in parenting communities such as blogs, forums and Facebook groups.

Millennial Moms Care About A Company’s Values

Whether it is a clothing label, app or restaurant, Millennials, in general, care more about the integrity of a brand’s value than their price points. And millennial moms are no different. With the rise of conscientious brands, millennials moms have had an increasing array of brands to choose from for their kids. According to Adweek, 80% of millennial mom say that safety is a top priority for their family. They cite safety as a higher priority than value or price. Additionally, around 50% of millennial moms list that they favor pure, wholesome ingredients as a key deciding factor when comparing brands. In essence, they value the quality of a brand over quantity, and if brands can’t illustrate that, it will be hard to appeal to this segment.

Millennial Moms Are Influenced By Other Millennial Moms

The most relatable people to millennial moms are other millennial moms. They take the advice, product recommendations and service reviews of other moms more seriously than those of ‘experts’. According to Trybe, 66% of moms agree with the following statement, “Things I read on mom blogs and forums are more likely to have an impact over my purchasing decision than any other form of marketing”. The same study also revealed that 74 % of millennial moms “trust sources such as mom blogs and online communities more than brand advertisements when it comes to gathering product information.”

Overall, to tap into the millennial mom market, it is important for marketers to fully understand their target audience. Global PR firm, Weber Shandwick found that 42% of millennial moms believe that advertisers don’t understand them. This definitely explains why these moms trust each other more than the media. For marketers, this means reaching out to influential bloggers, creating campaigns that add value and being authentic, transparent and most importantly relevant.

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