What is Brand Insistence and How Do I Get There?

Brand insistence is exactly what it sounds like—when someone insists on purchasing a product from a certain company, and they won’t stand for anything else. For a business, this is exactly how you want your customers to act.

Maybe you’ve encountered this when you recommended a product to a friend, only to hear them tell you that they only buy that type of product from their favorite brand.

Or have you ever heard someone ask for a Coke at a restaurant, and then when they’re told the restaurant only carries Pepsi products, they just ask for water? That’s brand insistence on a smaller, yet powerful level. To most people, the two are interchangeable. Most of us have a preference, but we tend to shrug and say, “Good enough,” when we hear that our preference isn’t available.

But you don’t want your customer base to shrug when they discover they can’t get an item from your company. You want them to insist that they need your product, and ignore competitors. Apple is a good example of this. Most people with iPhones don’t even consider switching to an Android device to be an option. They like everything about it, from the design to the blue message bubbles.

This is so important because customers aren’t just saying that they want your product, they’re saying that any competing products simply aren’t worth their time.

So how do you get to the point where customers are insisting on buying only your brand’s product? There are a few different stages that your brand can move through on the way to insistence.

Brand Absence

Customers haven’t even heard of your brand. You don’t want to tarry in this stage very long. Hopefully your advertising efforts and the quality of your product will move you out of this stage quickly.

Brand Awareness

Here, customers are becoming aware of your brand. You aren’t a favorite, but you are an option. They know your name or logo when they see it, and they could be compelled to buy from you given the right circumstances.

Brand Preference

This is where things start to heat up. You’re becoming one of their preferred brands, but if your product isn’t available, they don’t have a problem buying from somewhere else.

Brand Insistence

The promised land. Customers would rather have nothing than buy a product from a competitor. The product is out of stock on your site? They’re checking all over the internet to find someone that sells your product. They insist on buying your brand, and you can be certain they’re recommending it to friends and family.

So how do you actually get to this point? It sounds easy enough, but without several key components, brand insistence will remain a daydream.


Simply put, you’ll never reach brand insistence if your product doesn’t have good value for the price. Sometimes an expensive price tag can actually make consumers want it more, but that has limits. It’s hard for people to become attached to your brand if they really can’t afford it.


What actually makes your product different? Is it enough to pull people from another brand, and keep them insisting in buying from you? This could be fairly superficial, but if you understand your customers’ tendencies, you can emphasize certain aspects of your product that you know will appeal to them.

Emotional Connection

There are a lot of ways to achieve an emotional connection with your customers. Above average customer service, good storytelling and advertising, and membership benefits can all help bring about an emotional connection with your brand. This is the most important step. Once you’ve forged that emotional connection, your customers are much more likely to return to your brand, and keep buying it exclusively.

But you have to understand your customers, too. It’s much easier to build that emotional connection if you know why they’re coming to your brand, what products they’re buying, and who those customers really are. If your brand is based on an outdoors lifestyle, you may think your customers are purchasing your clothes to stay warm while hiking or fishing. But in reality, it may be about the statement that your brand makes when they wear it. That’s important information to have.

You’ll have more success reaching brand insistence if you fully understand your customers—who they are, what they’re looking for, and why they chose you. That knowledge allows you to target them better and keep them returning to your brand, hopefully reaching the point of brand insistence.

It’s not an easy task to reach the brand insistence stage, but with the right message, an excellent product, and an in-depth knowledge of your customers, you may just be able to pull it off.

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